The 7 deadly hair sins

25 Jul

We take our hair for granted and day in, day out we see hair that has been badly treated. Here is our guide to the 7 deadly hair sins to avoid........


The scalp produces natural oils to keep our hair in the best condition so overwashing means those vital oils aren't getting to your hair. If you feel that you need to wash your hair daily due to your hair feeling too greasy it may be that you have brought it upon yourself as the more you wash, the more sebum (grease) your scalp will produce to try and rebalance the scalps natural pH level. Try and reduce the washing and wash every other day. You should after a couple of weeks begin to see your hair looking and feeling less greasy than before. 



Found in most conditioners as it gives that beautiful shiny finish but found in higher quantities more so in "cheaper" supermarket products. Silicone smothers the hair and gives a false healthy feel to your hair and does not allow for natural oils to penetrate and nourish your hair. Switch to a salon brand and after a couple of weeks you will notice a difference. If your hair feels rough to begin with, that is because the silicone layer has been washed away. Bear with it.....



We occasionally see clients who come in with coconut/argan/Moroccan oil saturating their hair. Why would you do that? Would you walk anywhere out of your house with a face mask on? No, I don't think so. It is totally unnecessary. Use oil sparingly. 



No, no, no.......just no. Don't do it. Hair is very elastic when wet and it will stretch and snap! Wet brushes are ok but traditional hairbrushes are a complete no no. 



We didn't study for years to do what we do. Hairdressing is a skill. We don't stock 200+ different colour shades for no reason. Everyone has different hair so we pick colours to work with your hair type. A kit bought off the shelf is never going to end well, unless of course you want to look like a tiger with stripey, orange hair and a £200+ bill from the hairdressers to fix it. That's if it can be fixed. If it can't be fixed, you could always wear a hat 24/7. I mean hats are cool aren't they!



This in general has 3 possible outcomes-

Too short at the sides, so you snip a bit more in the middle and then oh dear you look like you did in your Year 5 school photo (never mind you can clip it back for 6 months)

You cut too close to your face and whoops, before you know it you've sliced a bit of your eyebrow as well. You tell yourself nobody will notice 

One side is longer than the other. This is very common.

We offer free fringe trims so just pop in the salon!!



The most deadly of the hair sins. If you use a hairdryer then you must use a heat protector and if you use hot tools (irons, tongs etc) then you must use thermal protector. The 2 products are different so a heat protector won't necessarily protect from your irons. Ask us to show you next time you're in.